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4 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Brighten Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Improve Smile

Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry procedures are trending globally. This is because more and more individuals want to enhance their smile aesthetics as per their desire and requirements. A cosmetic dentist always selects proper tools and techniques and customizes them as per your requirements.

It is also essential for you to be fully aware of the potential cost, side effects, and risks of the treatment you are opting for. One must also follow the vital guidelines recommended by the dental specialist to derive the desired outcome. In our previous blog, we have explained how long does the teeth whitening treatment in El Paso stay? Through his article, you will understand the most common and effective smile makeover procedures offered by cosmetic dentistry that will enhance your smile aesthetics.

4 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for an Impressive Smile Makeover in El Paso:

  1. Teeth Whitening:

    Due to wear and tear, teeth usually lose their previous luster and turn discolored and pigmented. Even certain medications, and over consumption of several foods and beverages, can also deteriorate teeth whiteness. In-house whitening procedures or professional teeth whitening in El Paso are more economical and efficient than DIY teeth whitening kits.

  2. Dental Implants:

    Dental implants require titanium-infused screws to be affixed into the jawbone They are surgically installed. After the proper healing process of the tooth and surrounding gum line and jawbone, the dentist will attach the dental crown to the tooth. Dental implants in El Paso with their look and appearance resemble natural teeth.

  3. Dental Veneers:

    Veneers are customized shell-like covers made with porcelain, plastic, composite or ceramic material similar to natural teeth. It can drastically bring down gaps between teeth and also correct partially crooked, chipped, or stained teeth. The success of the treatment surely depends on the crookedness and complexity of the tooth. Most dental veneers in El Paso last longer than bonding.

  4. Dental Crowns:

    Crowns or caps are made from porcelain/ metal /ceramic or resin materials. They help restore a tooth's overall appearance naturally. Dental crowns in El Paso can also restore worn-out teeth. It can also protect fragile teeth and can hold the dental bridge in its proper place. It can also cover dental implants and discolored teeth.


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