Dental Implants and Its Safety in the Long Term

A dental implant is a titanium or titanium composite metal post that is surgically planted in place of a missing tooth. It acts as an orthodontic anchor to support dental prosthesis. Longevity of dental implants in El Paso is dependent on multiple factors.

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How to Handpick the Appropriate Dental Office for Affixing Dental Implants?

Crowns and implants are the most commonly used treatment options that dentists suggest to replace missing teeth. With extensive research and huge strides in dental technology, dental implant treatment has become fairly acceptable and safe.

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Do Dental Implants and Dental Veneers Go Hand in Hand?

A cracked tooth is really painful since you might be perplexed about which dental solution to choose. It can really be a hard call for you to decide which one to go for among dental veneers and dental implants.

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Six Familiar Dental Procedures Available at Our Dental Office in EL Paso

When visiting a dental office, it is important to choose the one that provides common and specialized dental procedures. In our previous blog we have explained about 5 recurrent dental procedures carried out at dental office in El Paso.

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Five Recurrent Dental Procedures Carried Out at the Dental Office

We all know that dental procedures can be expensive, but many dentists perform several important dental procedures without any additional expenses. If you are looking for a dentist, here are 5 things to verify while choosing a dentist in El Paso.

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Common Myths Surrounding Dental Implant Debunked

Losing a tooth can be painful, but there is always a way to fill the gap. Dental implants in El Paso are one of the safest treatments to replace missing teeth and teeth restoration options suggested by dentists.

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5 Primary Points to Verify While Choosing Your Dentist

Are you looking for a new dentist in El Paso, TX? Well, make sure you do your bit of research before fixing on a local dentist. Not all dentists are reliable and professional. And you would never want to mess with your oral health, do you?

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Dental Implants Are One of the Safest Treatments To Replace Missing Teeth

Implemented for over five decades, dental implants are considered as a safe tooth replacement method. For most patients, implants are very effective especially when performed by a qualified professional like Dr. Daniel Castro D.D.S.

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5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are the Foremost Option for Tooth Replacement

We undertake numerous steps to take care of our teeth. However, we still lose or must extract one or a few teeth for several reasons. With a loss of tooth comes mounting worries.

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No Better Choice Than Dental Implants!

Stop Cribbing about not having those natural pearly teeth and consult your dentist immediately. He knows what is the best for you - Dental Implants. Dental implants are considered the best treatment method to achieve what you always wanted:

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Here's a Guide to Finding the Right Dentist in El Paso, Texas

You're probably wondering how to find the right dentist, or you might have even googled “best dentist in El Paso, Texas”. Whether you've moved to a different location or you just want to change your dentist, we have got you covered. With just a little bit of research and a few tips from us, you will discover the best dentist in El Paso.

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Dental Implant Restoration – The Age Factor

Dental implants are one of the amazing ways to restore lost teeth. They are surgically inserted in the supporting bone structure and left to heal for few months. The implants integrate with the supporting bone and act as a strong foundation to dental prostheses. But who can get a dental implant? Is there any age limit to get this restoration? Our dentist responds to all queries related to dental implant surgery at our dental office.

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Aging and Cosmetic Dentistry – Bad Teeth and Gums can make You Look Old

Our lifestyle and food habits have a major influence on our oral health. Maintaining good oral hygiene, visiting a dental office at least once in 6 months and eating healthy food can protect us from dental problems. Did you know you may tend to look old when you fail to take good care of your teeth and gums? Yes, our food habits and oral hygiene practices can affect the appearance of our teeth and gums.

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