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Looking for better Smile by Dental Crowns in El Paso Texas?

Your teeth are a gift of nature. They help you eat, speak and smile. When a tooth is decayed or damaged it should be restored using appropriate materials to prevent further damage. The ultimate aim of every dental procedure is to protect as much of natural teeth as possible and restore the functionality. One restoration that has helped us protect teeth in our patients is the dental crown. Our dentist uses a crown when it is found that a tooth is very weak and it cannot sustain on its own. As a protective shield against damage, a dental crown wonderfully supports the basic functions of a tooth and gives confidence to the patient to eat hard food items. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, make an appointment and visit our dentist at our El Paso, TX office. Our team will restore your tooth with an appropriate Dental Restoration.

How can dental crowns protect my teeth?

When you have a decayed or damaged tooth, it needs to be restored using appropriate dental materials. Fillings, inlays and onlays and crowns are some of the forms of dental restorations. While fillings are used to fill the cavity caused by tooth decay, inlays and onlays are used to replace cups and grooves in a tooth. Crowns are used when it is found that the tooth is too weak to bear the biting load. By using crowns, a dentist prevents further damage that can be caused to the tooth and hence protects that natural tooth. The crown looks very similar to natural teeth. It has the ability to bear the biting load and has a natural appearance. With proper care, a dental crown can last for about 5-8 years.

When is a dental crown recommended?

A dental crown is needed to protect a tooth under a number of occasions. The crown acts as a shield against external forces and supports the functionality of tooth. Following are some of the cases where a crown may be required.

  • Severely decayed tooth
  • Tooth with large filling
  • Misshapen tooth
  • A tooth that is broken

How a tooth is restored using dental crown?

When you Visit our Dental Office in El Paso with a damaged or decayed tooth, our dentist checks the status of the tooth thoroughly. The decayed portion of the tooth is removed first and fillings may be used to fill the cavity. If during the course, it is found that the tooth cannot sustain on its own a dental crown is recommended. Capping a tooth with dental crown requires preparation of tooth. A small portion of the external layer of the tooth is removed in order to create space for the crown. Tooth preparation is done with the help of local anesthesia. Once the tooth is prepared, impressions are taken and a temporary crown is fabricated at our office. The temporary crown protects the tooth until the permanent one gets fabricated in the lab. Once the permanent crown is ready, the temporary is removed and the tooth is cleaned. The permanent crown is fixed over natural tooth using dental cement. Cosmetic Dental treatments are available at our Dental office. Visit our office for more Dental services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration called as 'cap'. It is designed to cover the weak or discolored tooth and strengthen the tooth.

Dr. Castro uses the best bonding material and high-quality porcelain and also we have many years of experience in placing crowns. A temporary crown might come off but we use CEREC technology. Visit our office Daniel Castro DDS, PA, for more information.

A Dental Crown gives a new surface and restores a weak and unstable tooth. The crown could:

  • Strengthen a tooth threatened by a large filling
  • Protect a cracked tooth and restore a chipped tooth
  • Renew a severely worn tooth
  • Provide new surface to cover deeply discolored tooth