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Dental Implants to Restore your Smile in El Paso Texas

Tooth loss is one of the most undesirable conditions from dental health and overall health perspective. Tooth loss can reduce chewing efficiency and increase the work load on remaining teeth. When you have lost a tooth, a number of dental health problems can arise. Over a period of time, your jawbone may shrink leading to sagging of facial muscles. Among the many replacements available for missing tooth in restorative dentistry, dental implants in El Paso have been most widely recommended because of their functional benefits and long life. If you or any of your family members are suffering from tooth loss, come and speak to our implant dentist in El Paso. Dental Implant surgeries performed at our dental office in El Paso, TX have helped many patients from the city and surrounding communities regain healthy smile. So why wait? Make an appointment and visit our Dental office El Paso to know your Tooth Restoration options.

Dental Implants in El Paso for Restoring Missing Teeth

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots made of titanium or zirconium. They are designed to be torqued in the jawbone. Once in place the implants are capable of forming a functional bond with the supporting bone tissues, which increases the strength of the tooth restoration and improves its function. There are a number of benefits for Dental Implants in El Paso as compared to other forms of tooth replacement. Even Cosmetic Dentistry El Paso has many options to give back your natural smile.

  • High strength
  • High chewing efficiency
  • Long life
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Prevents supporting bone from shrinking
  • Little to no post-restoration procedures involved
  • High success rate

The benefits of Dental Implants in El Paso as a form of tooth restoration have increased their popularity. The restoration has brought back confidence in life of many Americans who continue to have them in their oral cavity with very less care needed.

Dental Implant Surgical Process in El Paso

Dental Implants in El Paso are surgically inserted into the supporting bone structure. Therefore the volume of the jawbone plays a key role in the success of dental implant surgical treatment. The process of restoring lost tooth using dental implant involves multiple phases. The examination, the surgery, the healing, the restoration and the aftercare combine to complete the process of replacing lost tooth using dental implant. Dental Crowns El Paso also available at our office to fine tune the implant as natural tooth.

The examination is the phase where our team checks the oral health of the patient. Problems like gum disease may have to be addressed before performing dental implant surgery. Our dentist checks the status of supporting bone through X-rays and scans. We make a note of patient�s medical history and let him/her know if implant surgery is suitable. A treatment plan is set on confirmation that the patient can undergo dental implant surgery. The treatment is explained to the patient.

In the second phase, our dentist surgically inserts dental implants in the supporting bone. A local numbing agent is used to numb the implant site. Our implant dentist starts by making an incision in the gums. A number of drills are used to create a bony recess. The implant is then torqued into position carefully. The gums are sutured back after the insertion of the implant. A cap is placed over the dental implant and it is left to heal for next few months. During the healing period, the patient may have to visit our office periodically to check the progress. On confirmation of healing, impressions are taken and a crown is fabricated in the lab. The dental implant cap is removed and an abutment is fixed to it. The crown which is fabricated in the lab can be fixed over the implant using dental cement. On completion of the replacement procedure, we explain patients about how to care for the implanted tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Osseointegration is the process by which the dental implant material fuses with the jawbone resulting in a strong and tight connection between the jawbone and the implant. So tightly fixed implant will not move while chewing food.

It is the destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants. Finally, it ends up in the failure of the implant. Peri-implantitis is similar to various forms of periodontal disease.

The implanted tooth looks and functions like a natural tooth so you need to care for them like your natural tooth with proper brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups. If you want to have a long lasting and successful implant then you have to follow proper Dental Hygiene.

A Dental Implant is a rounded or pointed post, which made of titanium, an implant serves as a substitute for the tooth root.The replacement of tooth is custom made to match your natural teeth.

Dental Implants may be the correct choice for anyone who has missed one or multiple, teeth due to any injury, defects, decay or disease. Implants can even be an option for youngers after puberty when the jaw stops growing after a certain age.