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Aging and Cosmetic Dentistry - Bad Teeth and Gums can make You Look Old

Aging and Cosmetic Dentistry - Bad Teeth and Gums can make You Look Old

Our lifestyle and food habits have a major influence on our oral health. Maintaining good oral hygiene, visiting a dental office at least once in 6 months and eating healthy food can protect us from dental problems. Did you know you may tend to look old when you fail to take good care of your teeth and gums? Yes, our food habits and oral hygiene practices can affect the appearance of our teeth and gums. Studies suggest that esthetic problems with teeth and gums not only make the smile uninteresting but also makes the person look older than his/her actual age. Cosmetic Dental Treatments at our El Paso office aim to recreate beautiful smiles that can make our patients look young and more attractive. Call our office for a smile makeover consultation at El Paso, TX.

Enamel Erosion

Enamel is the top-most layer of teeth. It is one of the hardest substances in the body. Yet acidic food can cause erosion of enamel layer. This results in the color of the dentin reflecting over the surface of the teeth. This not only makes the teeth look unhealthy, but the person tends to look old. The enamel layer may wear out because of problems like Bruxism as well.

Chips and Cracks in Teeth

Chips and cracks can be a result of habits like using the tooth as bottle opener, chewing on pen, biting nails etc. Accidents too can chip or crack your tooth. If left untreated, the chips may make the smile unpleasing. The tooth may discolor when the pulp becomes infected because of the tooth crack. All these add to the aging factor of a person.

Gaps between teeth

Gaps between teeth may develop as a result of teeth infection or increased space in the supporting bone. Chewing on tobacco can increase the risk of decay and create gaps between teeth be causing tooth wear.

Tooth staining

Tooth staining may result from increased consumption of dark colored fluids, smoking and improper maintenance of oral hygiene. The porous enamel layer of the teeth is occupied by staining elements. Tooth staining is one of the major esthetic issues that can contribute to aging factor. People with bright and beautiful smiles are considered to be youthful and have more self-confidence.

Gum disease

Gum disease in the advanced stage can cause gum recession which exposes the root surface of the teeth. As a result the teeth tend to look unhealthy and unattractive. Proper oral care can avoid gum disease. It is important for patients to visit the dental office when they have bad breath, Chipped teeth, bleeding gums or similar symptoms.

Tooth loss

Tooth loss is one of the major contributors to aging. Natural teeth protect the jawbone and maintain the shape of lower third of the face. When teeth are lost, the supporting bone tends to shrink which causes the facial muscles to sag. As a result the patient tends to look old.