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Differences Between Veneers and Crowns

Differences Between Dental Veneers and Crowns | El Paso

Dental procedures such as veneers and crowns are quite popular. When individuals find faults with their teeth or have some oral issues, they get themselves treated at the dental clinics of the family and cosmetic dentistry.

Moving on, there are striking points of difference between veneers and crowns. Both the dental procedures tend to elevate the appearance and fix the oral issues. People have specific choices when it comes to opting for the best treatment. When individuals get their teeth done, they often shower praises at the cosmetic dentist near you. In our previous blog, we explained the possibility of getting veneers if you had dental implants in El Paso. Read along to know the difference between dental veneers and crowns.

Drawing a Parallel Between Dental Veneers and Crowns in El Paso:

The dentists who work at the cosmetic dentistry recommend people to go for veneers and crowns. These procedures are safe and the surgeons ensure that the patients are at ease.

Dental Veneers Treatments in El Paso:

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that measures 1 millimeter and covers the front of a tooth. Folks prefer dental veneers in El Paso done by the dental surgeons who know their tasks extremely well. They can effortlessly carry out the surgery and it is painless.

Interestingly, the porcelain dental veneers last the longest and are considered the best dental option. These are made from resin-like materials and remain white for a long time.

Dental Crowns Treatment in El Paso:

Putting dental crowns in El Paso is an affordable procedure. The crown is about 2 millimeters thick and covers the whole tooth. It can be made of porcelain or metal infused alloy.

If a person has tooth decay, a doctor might remove the decayed part and reform the teeth to support the crown.

Also, the cosmetic dentist follows all the protocols and makes use of the cutting-edge technology to provide the patients with the best dental care.

Summing it up, people prefer veneers or crowns to improve the condition of their teeth and elevate their personality. These procedures have their own pros and cons. Folks must go for the treatment they find reasonable and deliver best results.


To avail the best dental services, visit our cosmetic dentist in El Paso. The clinic has a team of highly skilled professionals who know their jobs like the back of their hands. They have years of experience and can carefully assess a person's dental condition. For more call us at (915) 581-8070 and schedule an appointment today.