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How Does in-office Teeth Whitening Work?

How Does In-Office Teeth Whitening Work?

Several people opt for teeth whitening procedures when they find that their teeth have lost their sheen and become discolored which makes them conscious. Trying home remedies do not yield results and seeking professional dental help becomes the last resort. In our previous blog, we have explained the difference between professional and home teeth whitening in El Paso. However, several folks opt for these procedures because they want to look their best and ensure great oral hygiene.

Working Process of In-Office Teeth Whitening in El Paso:

The in-office teeth whitening involves some steps. A dentist uses a tooth shade chart to determine the color of the teeth. This will let you know the number of shades your teeth will get lighter after the treatment.

Also, a leading dentist in El Paso is fully certified to carry out this operation of teeth whitening. At first, the cheek retractor is inserted into the teeth that determine all the aesthetic zones visible when one smiles.

The doctor applies the liquid rubber dam or a hardening resin to the gums to protect against pain and irritation. A bleaching gel is put on the teeth and kept for 30 minutes.

Then another round goes on wherein a fresh gel is applied for some time to strengthen the effect of the bleaching agent. In some cases, the dentists use a blue light to improve the bleaching process and see if it delivers results.

After the process, the patient can remove the cheek retractors and eventually the teeth look whiter. It might take some time for the real color to emerge.

Is Teeth Whitening Treatment in El Paso Painless:

In the dental office in El Paso, the oral surgeons make use of the best dental technology and medical equipment. The teeth whitening procedure takes place comfortably and does not cause any discomfort to the patients.

The treatment is affordable and highly qualified dental surgeons perform the surgery. They know how to tackle the patients and can address their queries.

Summing it up, in-office teeth whitening procedure happens to be a preferable option. Several individuals want to get back their dazzling smiles that accentuate their personality. A set of healthy-white sparkling teeth makes them confident and living life worthwhile.


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