4 Facts About Same-Day Dental Crowns You Need to Know

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4 Facts About Same-Day Dental Crowns | El Paso

Have an important function to attend to? If you have hardly any time left for the critical client-office, but need to wear the best look for this formal event, what’s the way out? Well, we are talking about a situation where you have damaged or broken teeth and can’t afford to have poor dental aesthetics in such a high-profile meeting.

As the name suggests, same day crowns are the best way to save you in such dire situations. The folks who stay tied up with work, business, family and other activities do not get to make multiple visits for traditional crowns. Same day dental crowns have gathered popularity for such busy individuals. In our previous blog, we have explained the differences between dental veneers and dental crowns in El Paso. However, before you make up your mind to go for dental crowns, here are some facts you need to know.

4 Facts About Same Day Dental Crowns in El Paso:

  1. These Take Only a Couple of Hours:

    With the term ‘same-day’, do not stay under the impression that you need to sit throughout the day to get it done. Make sure you make an advance appointment to not wait in a queue. Traditional crowns take around 3-4 sessions over a few weeks. Same day crowns are designed, milled and affixed in a couple of hours. By the time you walk out of the cosmetic dentist in El Paso chamber, you will have your total restoration in place.

  2. You Get Crowns of Porcelain:

    Do not have raised eyebrows wondering what you might get in such a short time. A common human thought process is that we will get cheaper quality products in less time. This is not the case at all. Be pleased to know that same day crowns in El Paso are crafted out of the same good quality lab milled porcelain that are durable and robust.

  3. You Bear Almost the Same Cost:

    Surprised? Till now you might have been thinking that same day crowns are an emergency service and you will have to pay quite high for that. You will be glad to hear that it's nor more expensive. With quick turnaround time, same day crowns need advanced technology, but that doesn’t mean it costs more. In fact, this removes the need for cosmetic dentistry in El Paso to make temporary crowns and saves the cost.

  4. You Get Better Accuracy:

    It might sound incredible and it indeed is. With same day crowns you don’t have to bear delays. All the more same day crowns use digital impression mechanisms like CAM/CAD tech. A dentist in El Paso uses 3D software to design crowns to make it precise and reduce room for error.


However, to get accurate same day dental crowns in El Paso, make sure you visit a leading cosmetic dentist like Dr. Dan Castro. For more information about same day dental crowns, call us at 915-581-8070 and schedule an appointment today.

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