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Sports Dentistry Services in El Paso Texas

It is a bright and sunny afternoon at school when you are fully charged in the game of football. Everything seems to be going the way of your team, when suddenly one of your players is injured with and has broken his tooth. How do you react? It is an emergency dental condition which requires immediate dental care. Sports dentistry is an area which focuses on preventing such sports related injuries to enhance the quality of life. Sports dentistry lets you enjoy the game while your teeth and gums remain protected with a custom-made appliance. Contact our El Paso dental office if you have any queries regarding sports related dental injuries and how they can be treated. Cosmetic Dentistry El Paso has many treatment options to treat dental injuries.

Why is it important to know about sports dentistry?

Did you know sports related dental injuries are the most frequent oral/facial sports injuries in the United States? A broken tooth or knocked out tooth can have a quick and long-lasting impact on your oral health if not taken care in time. We have many patients who visit our Dental Office in EL Paso with a chipped tooth, luxated tooth or knocked out tooth and soft tissue injuries from sports. We treat such cases on a priority and make sure that the soft/hard tissues are restored. Our aim is to create awareness among people regarding sports related dental injuries and take steps to see that the mishaps are minimized.

Sports Dentistry – What we do?

Our team is specially trained to treat emergency cases where the patient is suffering from an injury caused from adventure sports. We take quick steps to reduce pain and restore the tooth/soft tissues with appropriate materials. We make sure that the tooth remains protected on a long run. These steps are crucial for the oral health of the patient. Our dentist guides patients on how to prevent sports related injuries caused to the teeth and gums. More chances to loose your tooth hence proper preventive care is required and Restorative Dentistry EL Paso provided by Dr. Castro to replace your lost tooth also We provide custom-made mouth guards to protect teeth and gums from sports injuries. Our Preventive Care and guidance can help our patients avoid the teeth from being fractured or injured in any other way.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you knock out a tooth then you have to handle it carefully. Reposit the tooth on its socket to avoid exposure to germs and bacteria then meet your dentist right away. There is a 30-minute window of opportunity to re-implant your tooth. So wearing Mouthguards might avoid such situations.

Anyone who is participating sports has more chances to get injuries to their face, teeth, jaw and soft tissues of the mouth so these could have the benefit of mouthguards.

An athlete who wears orthodontic brace will need some specially equipped mouthguards with their teeth impressions on it. Custom made mouthguards may not be fit for them even if they have missed tooth/teeth.