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Dental Implants: What Happens if a Missing Tooth Isn’t Replaced?

What Happens if You Don't Replace Missing Teeth?

Well, what else can be a bigger motivation to replace missing teeth than looking beautiful and great? But how many missing teeth do you have? Is it just one? In that case, does it matter? After all, with all other teeth, you can well maintain your oral health, smile, and healthy diet. So, it's not a big deal to have one missing tooth. In a previous blog post, we discussed dental implants and their safety in the long term. However, in this blog post, we will understand what happens if you do not replace the missing tooth.

And you think cosmetic dentistry in El Paso is applicable only when you have more than one missing tooth? Well, that’s a big MYTH.

You should have recourse to dental implants in El Paso even if you have a single missing tooth.

Hold right there and know why you should consider replacing your tooth especially when you have just one missing tooth.

Every Single Tooth is Important:

Now, let’s understand why that’s the case. Each of the teeth has an active role in your diet and functioning. Be it supporting the jawbone, speaking properly, smiling flawlessly, or chewing properly, every tooth matters a lot. Also, all the teeth depend on each other for proper functioning. Adjacent ivories plus the ones on top and below provides tension to a specific tooth. So, when your tooth is missing for a long time, surrounding teeth can start shifting, finding lost tension due to the vacant caveat.

Shifting teeth will lead to super eruption where the opposite tooth starts shifting from the gum line. It also leads to tipping when the teeth on both sides of the vacant tooth start leaning or tipping toward the vacant space.

Gum Disease Might Be at a Higher Risk:

If you don’t replace your missing tooth, tooth shifting might occur. This will not enable proper brushing and flossing. Hence, plaque buildup might be an issue and this might contribute to gum diseases. So, when you don’t treat it, additional tooth loss can be a big hazard. Hence, visiting a dentist in El Paso to find a fix for this at the earliest.

The Trouble With Chewing:

How can you chew your food properly when you have even a single tooth missing? Biting and chewing get difficult when teeth are missing, even if it's one. You may have to limit your diet from consuming crunchy and sticky food when you don’t treat your missing tooth.

Embarrassed Smiles:

Finally, talking about your facial aesthetics, missing teeth will certainly not make you look your best. Neither will it let you smile freely with confidence.


Now, there shouldn’t be any hesitation in appointing a leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dan Castro to replace your tooth at the earliest with dental implants.

If you're looking for dental implants in El Paso, browse our website, drop an email, schedule an online consultation, and express your feedback at the customer portal by logging onto Daniel Castro D.D.S. The clinic has a panel of expert dental surgeons, headed by Dr. Dan Castro, who effortlessly conducts surgeries and possesses years of experience. For more call us at 915-581-8070 and schedule an appointment today.